How To Plan A Romantic Picnic On The Beach


February is the month of love and friendship, and there are many ways to enjoy this romantic day, especially in the Caribbean. Romantic dinners are a cliche on February 14th, but how about a picnic on the beach? Keep reading for some tips on how to plan a romantic picnic on the beach. Finding a

Top 5 Beaches in Punta Cana


Get to know the top 5 beaches in Punta Cana and enjoy a Caribbean family

Costume Technology: Cirque Du Soleil

Costume Technology Cirque Du Soleil

Around 1,300 artists from 55 nationalities, 400 cities from 60 different countries, 400,000 spectators per year, and more than 400 artisans and specialists are part of Cirque du Soleil, a pioneering circus show in its field. Discover the importance of the costume in this worldwide shows. Important Show Aspects All Cirque Du Soleil shows are

Punta Cana’s Top 3 Music Genres


Dancing in Punta Cana! Discover Punta Cana's top 3 music genres, a Caribbean island of great musical

5 Things You Should Know About Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony HRH Punta Cana

Latin America is well known for having a wide variety of musical styles, from cheerful and energetic genres like salsa, cumbia, reggaeton and bachata to jazz-inspired bossa nova.  New York City-born Puerto Rican Latin superstar Marc Anthony, is one of the best representations of modern Latin music by shaping the future of salsa with the

Your Kids Will Love These 4 Fun Activities

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be a difficult experience for you, it’s supposed to be a vacation, remember? We know that planning your trip ahead of time might be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you’re bringing the whole family with you, but don’t worry, let us help you with this.  Did you know traveling

The 5 Experiences You Need To Book

Life’s all about experiences! There’s nothing better than relaxing near the pool while you sip on your cocktail and eat some guac and chips. But to those who have an adventurous soul, let us tell you about some amazing experiences waiting for you. Relaxation and extreme: Off Riders Adventure To make your ride one of

Romantic Spots You Can’t Miss

Our Most Romantic Spots

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we wanted to share with you the most romantic spots at our hotel.

5 Things You Should Know About Il Divo

5 Things You Should Know About Il Divo

Just in case you didn’t know, Il Divo is a multi-national classical crossover vocal group formed by Urs Bühler (Switzerland), Carlos Marín (Spain), David Miller (USA), and Sébastien Izambard (France). The group was created in 2004 and has been unstoppable ever since! Check out these interesting facts about Il

The 10 Coolest and Most Iconic Album Covers

The 10 Coolest and Most Iconic Album Covers

Some people say it’s what’s inside that counts, but when we’re talking about an album, the exterior is pretty much as important as the inside. Album covers are the best opportunity to give a first impression, also, this type of imagery can visually conceptualize the music. In the end, it represents a musician, especially in