A golf swing for the beginners

Golf. One of the hardest and most challenging sports there can be in the world, arguably THE MOST of them all. I thought, (like any other non-player in the world) how hard could it be?

Well, I found it to be very much difficult.

Gladly, I had the opportunity of being coached by Hard Rock Golf Club® Cana Bay’s very own Pro, Ramon Mendoza. Obviously I did not dominate the sport with just one lesson, but I did learn the basics, and managed to get a couple of balls in the air accordingly.


A lesson with Ramon, will let you see all of what you are doing wrong and with his instructions, you’ll acquire the basis for improvement, which in my personal opinion is what golfing is all about, improvement, for there is always plenty room for polishing your game. As you can imagine, the amazing Hard Rock Golf Club® at Cana Bay is one truly beautiful scenario and the perfect place for you to swing by to practice this demanding but fulfilling sport.

After correcting my posture, movements, eye-strike coordination and more technical aspects of my game, the lesson ended, Ramon had more appointments during the day besides his training time but he did taught me the basics of golf. You can choose to stay making more shots after the lesson, which I did… and of all the shots I tried, around 300, I only achieved to get them balls in the air around 6 or 7 times, ending tired but happy.


A professional player trains around 7 or 8 hours per day, shooting thousands of balls to perfect their game, Ramon himself trains around 4 hours so I didn’t expect to end up being the next Arnold Palmer after my lesson but I stayed shooting more balls because (and you will feel it yourselves) that sound when you hit the ball properly, plus the correct movement & technique that ends with you in a final position like the PGA logo… well, it can become very much addictive, that is a fact.

So if you are in town and looking for something new or want to improve your game, having a couple lessons with the Pro, Ramon Mendoza is highly recommended. Who knows, maybe you find you have a chance to be the next Tiger Woods of the sport so… rock on!


The road to success is always under construction.” – Arnold Palmer

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