The gorgeous bride who stole our hearts

Wondering how to rock your wedding? – This bride (now happy wife) shows you how it’s done.

Meet Nakyia Whitty Davis, one of many brides who’s special day finally came and like planned, went down as special as it could with that person who’ll forever be her always, in an amazing fashion.

Nakyia got married a few weeks ago at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana & from the pictures you can see how much the bride and her bridesmaids are loving their natural looks, proving it to be as timeless as classic.

While having all this joy and happiness Nakyia was just being herself as she has always been along with her now characteristic hairstyle which she has crafted along over four years now with the help of his proud husband Jay, but little did she knew, she and her hairstyle were about to rock the internet.

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But what was that made such an impact and provoked so many reactions filled with love and support? –

Well as she mentioned to The Huffington Post “…I’m glad the stereotypes and negative image on our hair is being exposed. Whoever said our natural hair couldn’t be versatile, classy, or professional? Whoever that was, lied.”

It was that natural attitude and style the reason why Nakyia rocks and furthermore, it is how proud she wears her everyday looks that got so many to fell in love with her vibe. We can only thank her for sharing with the world how nowadays just being yourself is always the best way to enjoy life and the happy moments it brings.

Thanking again for letting Hard Rock Hotel & casino Punta Cana host this lovely couple at this special moment, we wish this new chapter in their lives last forever and gets filled with love, memories & stories to tell.

Images from Nakyia Whitty’s Instagram account @naturally_nakyia

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