5 Musicians Who Practice Yoga Everyday

5 Musicians Who Do Yoga

Yoga: Liberate body, mind & soul.

Yoga is known for being a discipline that has been practiced for many years, it helps your physical, mental and spiritual state.

It’s a habit we all should follow to be more aware, focused and at peace with ourselves, and this is no exception for musicians, who are considering yoga a way of life by adding it to their daily workout routine.

Take a look at these five musicians who practice this amazing discipline every day. 


Liberating your mind, body, and soul is not easy, but hey, we are here to help!

Rock Om at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, perfectly combines the power of music and yoga to create a uniquely rhythmic experience to keep you in a constant state of ahhh!

We’ve built a partnership with Manduka, the world’s most respected yoga brand and DJ Drez and Marti Nikko, who produced original tracks designed to boost your movements.

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